Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tongue Tied

Remember how everyone made fun of George W. Bush because he said "nook-ya-ler" instead of "nuclear?" I admit I laughed every time. How is it possible to be president of the US and have your finger on the red button that can destroy the world many times over, but still not be able to correctly say the name of the button? Is that some kind of lingual disability?

So the other day the big hairy man and I were talking with Snarky about what assignments she has due. One in English was an exercise in synonyms and antonyms. I have a bachelor's degree in English so I'm thinking, "Easy peasy lemon squeezy!" The big hairy man, however, couldn't get past the title.

"Cinnamons and antonyms....Simmamuns and antonyms...Synomins...Syn-oh-NYMS and anthemums....AUGH!!! This is why I'm an engineer!"

Suddenly I feel pity for the former president. The big hairy man has only me to mock him, not the world's press.