Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coming Soon: author Sherry Gammon!

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting the lovely and talented author Sherry Gammon here at Oh, How Novel! on April 24. The second book in her Port Fare series, Unbelievable, will be released on April 15, and I couldn't be happier for her.


I have to admit when she told me she planned to self-pub, before her first book Unlovable came out, I was skeptical. I am thrilled to admit I had absolutely nothing to worry about. The first book in the Port Fare series has sold tens of thousands of copies, and it's because she knows how to market herself and her books. Well, that, and she tells a good story! Her other titles include Souls in Peril and a novella titled Pete and Tink.

Can't wait! In the mean time, please check out her website, Wordpaintings Unlimited.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


This tiara is tentacle-free

My bestie, Erin Ann, reminded me recently of something one of my kids said, a long time ago. It was Snarky's 5th birthday (she is on the cusp of her teens, and acting every bit that part), and I had her guests make little foam craft tiaras. Must have been a princess party. This child has been a born reader from day one, with the advanced vocabulary to match, so it shouldn't have surprised me that she had to come up with a big word for the little parts on the crown that stick up (do they even have a name?)

So my five year old says, with her perfectly adorable little speech impediment, "Look, Mommy, my cwown has testicles." She was thinking TENTACLES, like an octopus (because who even knows those those things are even called? Pointers? Spires? Tentacles makes perfect sense to me!), but of course the one word you don't want your kid to say in front of a bunch of other impressionable kids and their gossiping  moms is the one word she says.

And that, my friends, is hilarious. It's seriously worth having kids just for the laugh.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Genre Changing

It's so hard to slap a label on what we write, isn't it? I have been telling myself that the story I'm working on is speculative fiction but as I get more into it, I realize that label doesn't really fit. I wanted to write something along the lines of Lois Duncan's The Third Eye, about a psychic girl. I must have read it when it first came out, because the publication date is 1991 (oh, the horror of remembering something more than 20 years back!) The girl in the second book of the series I am working on right now will be much more like Karen, Third Eye's protagonist, than Aisi, the heroine I am writing now.  (As an aside, does anyone know how to say her name? Are you thinking A.C. or Icy?)

Anyway, before my ADD brain completely derails my train of thought, Duncan's book impacted me. I remember reading it over and over, so fascinated with the possibilities that fantastic elements could add to a book. I was raised on a literary diet of Little House books and other historic fiction and biographies. I knew my favorite section in the school library, that was for sure! Third Eye opened up a new world for me. I love the idea that we can create endless possibilities by taking just one element of our normal world and tossing it out. The rules change when we aren't bound by reality as we know it.

So my point before I went all tangential: genres. I was thinking it's speculative, not so much. But what do you call it when a girl has the ability to move things at will with just her mind, sees ghosts, and hunts a smart mouth demon? Paranornal, supernatural, or just fantasy?