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An Unbelievable Giveaway and Announcement

Unbelievable by Sherry Gammon is a contemporary romance, and the second book in her best-selling Port Fare series. Book one, Unlovable, follows two of her main characters as they fall in love and battle drug dealers. Unbelievable takes place a few years later and follows the same people fans of Unlovable adore, but she adds a little Latina twist. I love me a good, strong heroine, and Lilah Lopez Dreser is it! Lilah has the potential, as her "dear sweet daddy" puts it, of only being good enough to be some rich guy's mistress...but she is stronger and better than that, something she has to prove to kind-hearted Cole, and to herself.

Gammon writes strong characters and is great at taking her readers on a ride with enough twists and turns to keep us guessing. So do you want to see some? I thought so! Here is an excerpt from Unbelievable:

“Who the heck is calling me at one a.m.?” The alarm clock tumbled to the floor as I grabbed my cell phone, answering without looking at the display. It had to be Daddy. No one else would be so rude.

 “Any luck? Did you get the information?” Daddy fired his questions before I had the phone to my ear.

 “Hello, Daddy. Yes, I’m fine, and how are you feeling?” I asked, my voice dripping with acidity. I sat up, noting that the A/C wasn’t working again.

 “Don’t get snippy with me, young lady,” he demanded.

 “It’s been a week and a half. You have to be fair,” I treaded carefully. “I’m gaining the girl’s trust. I’m going to cut and style her hair—”

“You’re playing dress up with the girl who murdered your brother? Are you out of your mind?” His rage was cut short by a coughing fit.

 “Daddy, settle down. Please, give me a little time,” I pleaded. “You have ‘til the end of summer,” he insisted. “I want this revenge to happen, Lilah. I’m doing this for you, princess. I’m dying. I don’t want to leave you destitute. This is more for you than me now that I’m dying.”

 “I don’t want their money—”

“You listen to me. I’m your father. I provided you with a good life. Did you not have all the finest things money could buy growing up? I took you on elaborate vacations, purchased expensive jewelry for you whenever you asked. Family first, Delilah. Always. And it’s about time you stepped up and pulled your weight.”

He trailed off, murmuring about how Birdie had made me soft. I dried my sweaty brow with the hem of my shirt. “I know, Daddy, and maybe you’re right about Birdie, but I don’t want their money—”

He cut me off again. “You’ll do as you’re told if you expect me to stand by our agreement. Do you understand?”

“Okay. I won’t let you down,” I said, seeing no point in arguing. As I suspected, the revenge was for Daddy. Everything was for Daddy. It always was. The phone call ended without a good bye. I flopped facedown onto my pillow. All the old feelings of helplessness came roaring back into my head, squeezing my heart. I knew what was coming, what always came whenever I felt like I was being forced into something.

 I fought sleep for as long as I could by walking around my tiny apartment and drinking a couple cans of Diet Pepsi, which only made me pee three times. The memories began. Memories of blood-curdling screams pouring out of my brothers as they received beatings after disobeying Daddy’s orders. The screams. The gut-wrenching screams. I wrapped my arms around me as I tried to force the memories back. Only once had Daddy beaten me like that. When my mother came home and found out, they had the biggest fight I’d ever witnessed. Daddy never hit her, but I was sure he would. My mother stood her ground, never flinching, never backing down. He never hit me again after that. Oh, Mami, why am I not more like you?”

 By four a.m., exhaustion won and I surrendered to the nightmare.

Humor, suspense, and a heroes with heart. What's not to love?

 To celebrate the release of Unbelievable, I am giving away a copy of my latest novel, Psyched, to people who enter by commenting on this post. Psyched will be released on May 30! Don't forget to scroll down in the previous post for more chances to win prizes from other great writers on Sherry Gammon's blog tour! To win your copy of Psyched, leave a comment and I will draw the winner very scientifically by throwing your names in a hat and making one of my kids pick one. I am nothing if not high-tech.

So why are you still here reading? Go get your copy of Unbelievable!

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