Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So...I finished the initial draft of my first paranormal novel. Whee!!! My critique group is starting in on it, asking me the hard questions, forcing me to give my characters motivation to do what they do, making sure this smart heroine I have tried so hard to craft doesn't end up looking like the idiot girl in a horror movie who is the first one killed off just because she's there.
It's funny how all the things I imagined when I started this novel, between semesters as I finished off my writing degree,  ended up not being significant at all. It kind of reminded me of an interview I saw with JK Rowling a long time ago, when she said she had the ending of her series all planned and even written out, but the way she planned to get there changed as she wrote. The story kind of told itself. That's how I felt about my girl Aisi as I wrote her--she kind of grew into this funny, sarcastic, and flawed yet real character with a personality all her own, and she didn't go where I told her to go. Typical teenager! Even the ending I thought would happen didn't...so no, I am nothing like JK Rowling.
Calvin looks slightly better than I do while writing
So I sat back yesterday when I finished the first draft, thinking of this ride Aisi took me on. She's kind of cool, this one. I like her, anyway! This picture of Calvin is totally how I felt trying to hammer out the climax, where I was stuck for weeks. So not kidding...WEEKS. But it's cool to see how an idea I got while sitting through a three hour long night class evolved and grew from a story in my head into a novel.