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Top of Utah Book Signing July 13

Book signing! Book signing! Book signing!

Ok, so there's one hitch--my paperback cover still isn't finished, so I may not have books on hand to sigh...but I will be with famous authors Wendy Knight, Shantal Hiatt, and Mercedes M. Yardley at the Eccles Community Art Center on July 13 from 3:30-5:30. We'll be signing books, handing out swag, maybe having a giveaway or two. Who know what shenanigans we might get up to? It's 4 women on caffeine and possibly sugar. Anything is possible.

I created an invitation on Goodreads. Everyone is invited, and word on the street is Wendy Knight might bring cupcakes (but I'll probably eat yours before you get there...). You should come!

Check out the other authors and come have a great time!

Wendy KnightShantal HiattMercedes M. Yardley

Get Born in Vengeance Free this Friday!

A member of my critique group is offering the first book in her Dacian Legends series, Born in Vengeance, free this Friday. You want to snatch this one up, friends. She does historic romance like no other.

Time to get Freaked

Now that Psyched is out there and not commanding so much of my time, it's time to get a little freaky.

Not that kind of freaky.

Gutter brain...

The next book, a continuation of Aisi's story, is Freaked. Aisi is trying to move on with her life, trying to figure out how to fix what she couldn't quite fix at the end of Psyched, dealing with a mom who can't really deal with her now that she knows the truth of who her daughter is, and Leo? He's totally out of control, in the funniest way possible. So, yeah, there is no normal for Aisi. Not anytime soon. Her life is going to get jerked out of control yet again when a timid but powerful cousin enters the picture. If that's not enough, the bad guy returns, thirsty for revenge and desperate to save his own soul.

Final Stop on the Psyched blog tour! Whew!

It's not so easy to put into words, sometimes, how it feels to publish your own work. When you go through a regular publisher, you already have some validation that your work is good. You were accepted. Indie writers don't really have that luxury, because we put our souls into something and then just toss it out there and hope someone else loves it too.

And then you publish it. Everyone can see it, and you work your backside off to get it out there, work to connect with the people you wrote it for (other than yourself, of course). I admit there were moments of paralyzing fear, when I was pretty sure only my mom would read it (and she wouldn't even enjoy it, probably, because she's partial to a good old-fashioned bodice ripper).

Getting positive reviews and encouragement from people like best-selling author Sherry Gammon have made this journey a little less scary. Sherry is the grand dame of networking for indie writers. She's sold many thousands of books, started h…

Stop # 5

Best-selling authors fill my critique group. We swap stories, offer suggestions, give each other the occasional smackdown, but I get more from my writers' group than I ever did from my editor when I was with a traditional publishing house. It's great because they are interested in helping me make my story better without having the added burden of worrying what will sell.  So I'm a little intimidated by them all because these women move books. Their work SELLS. So when best-selling romance writer Camelia Miron Skiba gives you a review like this, it's nice.  There may or may not be happy dancing involved.

Another stop on the blog tour: Clean Indie Reads

Special thanks to blogger Lia London and Clean Indie Reads for highlighting Psychedthis weekend! I follow them on twitter and use their hashtag #CR4U. It's a way to find great books I don't have to worry about my kids seeing and then getting scarred for life, and then me having to go through therapy too because I had to explain what they just saw and, more to the point, why I had it...and writers like me are there and use #CR4U, too. This makes me happy dance.

Thanks again!

Blog Stop 3: Author Cindy C. Bennett

When it comes to writing, author Cindy C. Bennett is the real deal. She's what newbs like me aspire to be--several books published and with a loyal following, in addition to being incredibly talented. Check out her blog here and go see what she has to say about Psyched and my girl Aisi.

Thanks, Cindy!

Psyched Blog Tour Stop 2: Misty Moncur

I met Misty Moncur online through some mutual writer friends. When she volunteered to host me and Psyched for my blog tour, I started happy dancing. Then I checked out her blog, saw her bibliography, and was shocked at how much she's written. This girl is legit.

Thanks, Misty, for letting me hijack your blog! I'm honored (and a little intimidated) to be in the presence of greatness.You can find her post about Psychedright here. Click me!

Blog Tour for Psyched: Stop 1

The lovely and talented Shantal Hiatt put up a great post for me, plugging Psyched. Full disclosure: she is my sister.  Still, take a moment to soak up the awesomeness of having two kids in one family be published authors. You should definitely check out her book Agency. She crafted an excellent contemporary romance based on her real-life experiences as one of Salt Lake's top models back in the 80's.

Hey, fellow authors: check it out!

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