Monday, June 10, 2013

Final Stop on the Psyched blog tour! Whew!

It's not so easy to put into words, sometimes, how it feels to publish your own work. When you go through a regular publisher, you already have some validation that your work is good. You were accepted. Indie writers don't really have that luxury, because we put our souls into something and then just toss it out there and hope someone else loves it too.

And then you publish it. Everyone can see it, and you work your backside off to get it out there, work to connect with the people you wrote it for (other than yourself, of course). I admit there were moments of paralyzing fear, when I was pretty sure only my mom would read it (and she wouldn't even enjoy it, probably, because she's partial to a good old-fashioned bodice ripper).

Getting positive reviews and encouragement from people like best-selling author Sherry Gammon have made this journey a little less scary. Sherry is the grand dame of networking for indie writers. She's sold many thousands of books, started her own indie publishing company with fellow author Cindy C. Bennett, and her first book ever is currently being made into a movie. She's that awesome. And she's been a great friend and mentor through the process. Please check out her review of Psyched, and then get your own copy!