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Stop # 5

Best-selling authors fill my critique group. We swap stories, offer suggestions, give each other the occasional smackdown, but I get more from my writers' group than I ever did from my editor when I was with a traditional publishing house. It's great because they are interested in helping me make my story better without having the added burden of worrying what will sell.  So I'm a little intimidated by them all because these women move books. Their work SELLS. So when best-selling romance writer Camelia Miron Skiba gives you a review like this, it's nice.  There may or may not be happy dancing involved.

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Fake News at Its Finest

Life has a way of putting me in my place. I had grand intentions to post weekly, and three months later....

So I think it's great that people are talking about fake news these days, because fake news is at the heart of Off the Record. I have a sleezeball paparazzo named Derrick Fuchs (it looks like a swear word, but it's pronounced 'fooks,' a purposeful play on words to immediately show what a douche nozzle he is) in the novel. He writes his articles based on the latest gossip without really caring who he hurts or how much of it is made up. I haven't decided yet if the reader gets to meet him, but the excerpt today is the first article we see from him. Enjoy!

Off the Record, Question 1

The Post in Which I Inform You That Free Stuff is Happening

Today I'm lucky enough to be a featured author in the Monster Mash Book Blitz event. You can follow along on the event's Facebook page if you like. I love sharing my books with readers, and it's hard to get my book into your hands...but I'm gonna try. Today I'm giving away Freaked for 99 cents...and Psyched is free

What? Both books for single?
Yes. Because I love you.