Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time to get Freaked

Now that Psyched is out there and not commanding so much of my time, it's time to get a little freaky.

Not that kind of freaky.

Gutter brain...

The next book, a continuation of Aisi's story, is Freaked. Aisi is trying to move on with her life, trying to figure out how to fix what she couldn't quite fix at the end of Psyched, dealing with a mom who can't really deal with her now that she knows the truth of who her daughter is, and Leo? He's totally out of control, in the funniest way possible. So, yeah, there is no normal for Aisi. Not anytime soon. Her life is going to get jerked out of control yet again when a timid but powerful cousin enters the picture. If that's not enough, the bad guy returns, thirsty for revenge and desperate to save his own soul.