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Excerpt from Arms Wide Open? Yes, Please!

Here's a quick snippet from my newly released novella, available now on Amazon

I walk back to the bathroom as quickly as I can. I pray for a long line to delay me, but there’s just one girl who looks as frazzled as I feel standing in front of one the sinks. She’s average height with curly brown hair and pretty brown eyes, and wears a great pair of skinny jeans, a blazer with rolled up sleeves, and some seriously wicked high-heeled boots. She’s slowly and very thoroughly working bubbles over her hands, bangle bracelets jangling with every move she makes. The soap makes a sickening, squishing noise as it runs through her fingers. She stands there, like she’s mesmerized, staring blankly as I squirt some foam soap into my own hands and mirror her gestures.
After a moment she looks over. She takes a deep breath and starts to rinse off her hands. “So...what brings you in here?”
“A hipster guy with a pre-pubescent beard, lisp, a man purse, and attitude glasses thinking he’s the next Don Juan DeMarco. He tried to hold my hand, and my scone got squashed, taking one for the team. I’m just washing off the mess. You?”
She laughs. “A guy with the nastiest looking eyeball I have ever seen spilled some coffee on the table. I didn’t get any on me but I didn’t tell him that. I just wanted an excuse to hide for a bit.”
“Oh, yes. Kevin.” I laugh. “He was my first date tonight. He’s harmless, I think...just completely whackadoodle. Are you a his new friend, too? Has he hinted that you just might be the one yet?”
She rolled her eyes. “Uh, yeah. My sister dragged me here and is finding seriously fab guys while I keep getting the weirdos.”
“Amen, girl. Good luck.” I grab a few paper towels to dry my hands. Crumpling them into a ball, I toss the wad into the trash can and back up toward the door. “You going out there again?”
She shakes her head with pursed lips. “No. My hands are way too dirty for that. Good luck with your...uh...”
“My little Casanova wannabe,” I finish as I bump the bathroom door open with my booty and gird my loins for the rest of the round. I don’t actually know what that means, but it sounds like suffering is involved in what happens next, and that sounds right to me.

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