Sunday, September 22, 2013

Makeup Fail #203

So yesterday I had an author event about an hour from where I live. Post and pics coming on that soon! Anyway, in an effort to look less troll-ish and more awesome famous author-ish, I put on some eye shadow. This is where is all went horribly wrong.

A few months ago, a friend invited me to an essential oil party at her house. She gave me a sample of oregano oil to say thanks for coming, and she promised it would help with acne scarring and age spots. After my self-esteem recovered from the brutal truth, I tried it once or twice, decided *not* smelling like an over-spiced pizza every day was worth living with a few age spots, and tossed the teeny little bottle of oregano oil to the bottom of my makeup bag, where I forgot about it...

...until yesterday.

I had just completed the rest of my makeup ritual. So far, so good. I grabbed my eye shadow brush, put on my eyeshadow, and just as I reached for my mascara, it felt like FIREBALLS WERE SHOOTING FROM MY EYEBALLS THROUGH MY EYELIDS. It burned with the fiery intensity of a thousand ten gazillion suns. I picked up my eyeshadow brush and just as I was about to toss it in the garbage can and possibly swear at it for such treasonous behavior, I caught a whiff, and then I noticed the teeny, tiny little bottle of oregano oil lying right where the makeup brush had been. The lid gradually unscrewed and took its revenge on me after months of neglect by leaking on my makeup brush.

This is how I felt:

I now know that oregano oil has a side effect when used on the skin. I also know a new torture method, if anyone at the CIA would like more information.