Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spotted Today

If tattoos are your thing, good for you. I'm the kind of girl who thinks the human body is beautiful and doesn't need any help (even mine! Wait...errr...), and they're pretty overdone these days (in my opinion, anyway). So when I see someone with many visible tattoos, I generally roll my eyes and look away.

Not today.

As I was out doing boring yet essential business, I spotted a guy almost completely covered with ink. I happened to be right behind him and had some time to kill, so I started reading his neck. It was almost completely covered with names. First I'm thinking (hoping) these names are children, but he's too young to have that many children (I HOPE!), and these names are all female. So I'm thinking conquests but *hoping* relationships. Either way...dude's been busy!

Then I got to the top of his list, just under his ear. In fancy font, it said, "Your Name Here." It took all my will power not to burst out laughing. I don't like tats in general, but I loved his. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh today, random ink man!