Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DreamStone Review

Please welcome my little partner in crime, known here on the blog as Sparky. She's 10 years old (soon to be 11, she likes to remind me) and in 6th grade. She's the ideal audience for Mikey Brook's Dream Keeper series, so he graciously sent us a copy of Dream Keeper as well as his new release DreamStone for an honest review.

My take: Solid writing, good plot, great action. The characters are well developed and the dream world is vividly painted.  The scene that struck me most is when Tiffany is "dreaming" and her worst nightmare plays out. Kaelyn tries to convince her it was all a dream and make her feel better. We get a glimpse of what makes the bully so mean. Instead of using the tired mean girl trope we see over and over, Brooks makes what could easily be a stereotypical character suddenly very real, with room to grow as a person. The characters all have a spark of that in them, something that makes the books more than just an action-fantasy-adventure. DreamStone is a 'don't miss it' book which will make a great gift for the teens and tweens on your shopping list this holiday. 

Now in her own words, here's Sparky's review:

Me and my cute girl Sparky
"I really like both books. My favorite person is Kaelyn. She's a lot like Lucy (from the Narnia books) because she always believes and never gives up. I don't like Tiffany at all! She's a bully and always mean. My favorite part of Dreamstone is the dragon battle because it was awesome!"

You can by paperbacks, hard covers, or ebooks, and Brooks is celebrating by having a huge getaway! Enter to win HERE. He's giving away ebooks and paperbacks from several authors, and tons of swag.

Congratulations, Mikey! You have a new fan. Little miss Sparky can't wait to get her hands on book 3!