Monday, December 30, 2013

Why I Don't Do the Resolution Thing

Happy New Year's Adam.

Around my place, that's what we call the day before any holiday that ends with the word 'eve,' so there you go. Since tomorrow is New Year's Eve, today is New Year's Adam. Pretty sure my girlies got that from their fairy godmother, the lovely and talented Erinannie. I kind of love how she's rubbed off on them even from the other side of the country.


I don't make them.

I used to. I had high ideas and tons of motivation, and every year I was going to make my life better, lose enough weight to land on the cover of some magazine (hey, I'd settle for the cover of Mad Magazine--I'm not picky! Having a magazine cover is what counted, and I think we can all admit I won't be on anyone's swimsuit edition.) You know how it goes. We all make those goals, forget them, and move on with life by Martin Luther King Day.

I have long term goals and short term goals. I make them all the time. I just need to get better about focusing on the short term and making more measurable progress toward the long term. Big&hairy and I have plenty of long term goals that we're working toward together, but when the end goal is so far ahead sometimes it's hard to realize the little bit we're doing today will mean something in ten years. Sometimes I wonder what I'd do without him. He's seriously the greatest guy ever in the history of guys. He works his tail off for his girls (all three of us!) and I absolutely adore him. you make any resolutions? And more importantly, do you accomplish them?