Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Love for Arms Wide Open

Okay, so I'm the first to admit I'm a little absent-minded. I leave a room for something and by the time I get to the room to get that thing, I've usually forgotten what I needed. I have to backtrack and rethink, and sometimes I forget a second time, too.  I blame hormones. Yeah, that's it. Hormones.

So I was surprised (and then not surprised) when I realized I scheduled a free promo for Arms Wide Open on Amazon last weekend. I recall thinking sometime in December that I should plan a promo for the weekends before Valentine's Day, because with the giant heart on the the cover it fits the general theme, you know? I just forgot that I actually went and did it. That free promo happened a few days ago, and I got more downloads than I've gotten from all my other books combined. Nice surprise!

But then the reviews started popping up, and can I just say WOW? When you're a writer, you expect the bad to come more than the good, so when I saw the reviews that hit Amazon for Arms Wide Open today, I felt really....amazed. Thankful. Proud and humble all at once, but mostly thrilled a story I love so much resonated with some readers. Here's some of what I found this evening:

What I expected was boiler plate fun fluff, a tale with humor, depth, and a healthy dose of psychology took me by surprise. If you choose to read this I hope you will find the same.

Enjoyed what I thought was going to be fluff. It starts out that way but was surprised how good it left me feeling at the end.

The beauty of this story, is that is was wonderfully written, with great dialogue, funny laugh out loud moments, and engaging characters. In a short amount of time, the reader is completed involved with the story, and it goes from fun and light to a little deeper and serious that you stop and say, "what just happened here?" I found myself wanted to know more, yet feeling totally emerged in the story, and to me, that is when you know that you have read a good short story.

Dear readers, whoever you are, THANK YOU. You just made writing that story totally worthwhile! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Secrets of the Mine

Welcome, Gates of Atlantis fans! I'm so excited to introduce you to some of my characters from book 4 in the series.

Gates of Atlantis: Secrets of the Mine starts with fourteen year old Adam Jackson, a geeky guy who is more comfortable with mythology books than actual people.

He has to spend his summer at a dig with his mom, who's an archeologist, at an ancient mine in Zimbabwe. He's not so crazy about the idea, but his mom bribes him with the promise of scuba diving. He takes a wrong turn underwater and meets Nef, a spirited and temperamental sea kelpie. They accidentally save each other, and a friendship is born. Nef is on a mission to rescue his missing companion, a naiad named Kleo.

Another reason to hate being at the dig: Clancy Pitt. She's his age and couldn't be more opposite (or more annoying) if he paid her. She's everything he isn't...logical, ambitious, and she actually wants to be there at the dig with her parents. Adam and Clancy would rather avoid each, but they stumble upon something that links the mine with the lost city of Atlantis as well as the missing naiad. 


Once the minions find them, the chase is on the find Kleo and get to the gate before they're captured...or worse. 

Thanks for dropping by, friends! Check our Gates of Atlantis facebook page tomorrow to meet the characters in book 5!

Save the English Language!

Yes, it's been awhile. Did you miss me?

Never mind. Don't answer that.

So today I was plugging away on my big project that's sort of pushed aside the sequel to Psyched and the other project I had going. I'm working on a mid-grade fantasy series with five other awesome authors, and my deadline is coming up. We have goals, people. Books to write! Famous to become! I'm actually really excited about this series. There's an untapped market for great MG books, and it just so happens that my little Sparky loves to read this stuff. I love seeing her get lost in this kind of book.

I digress. What's my point? I do actually have one, believe it or not! So I was writing this morning and got stuck on a word. I typed 'erupted' but it just wasn't exactly what I wanted. Yes, I obsess over the perfect word sometimes. So I go over the other possibilities in my head. For funsies, I clicked thesaurus in MS Word just to see what options it would recommend. At the top of the list?

Go bang.

I am so not kidding on this. GO BANG? Really?!? *facepalm*  I was thinking maybe spew, explode, rush, flare, emit. Never would I have considered 'go bang' as a viable alternative to a beautiful word like erupt. This is why I fear for the future of my native tongue. Use big words, friends, and save the English language!