Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Save the English Language!

Yes, it's been awhile. Did you miss me?

Never mind. Don't answer that.

So today I was plugging away on my big project that's sort of pushed aside the sequel to Psyched and the other project I had going. I'm working on a mid-grade fantasy series with five other awesome authors, and my deadline is coming up. We have goals, people. Books to write! Famous to become! I'm actually really excited about this series. There's an untapped market for great MG books, and it just so happens that my little Sparky loves to read this stuff. I love seeing her get lost in this kind of book.

I digress. What's my point? I do actually have one, believe it or not! So I was writing this morning and got stuck on a word. I typed 'erupted' but it just wasn't exactly what I wanted. Yes, I obsess over the perfect word sometimes. So I go over the other possibilities in my head. For funsies, I clicked thesaurus in MS Word just to see what options it would recommend. At the top of the list?

Go bang.

I am so not kidding on this. GO BANG? Really?!? *facepalm*  I was thinking maybe spew, explode, rush, flare, emit. Never would I have considered 'go bang' as a viable alternative to a beautiful word like erupt. This is why I fear for the future of my native tongue. Use big words, friends, and save the English language!