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Friendly Writers and The Light Who Shines

You what's awesome about being a writer? Sometimes, just randomly, we meet other writers online, and they're completely awesome. Writers are the best and most supportive community in the world. Everyone is willing to help out and spread the word about each others' work. I met a writer named Lilo J. Abernathy on twitter yesterday, and she's totally representative of the writers I get to meet. Immediately she offered to help me get the word out about Psyched and tweet for me. When she sent me an excerpt of her book The Light Who Shines, I was hooked and I had to return the favor. This looks like an amazing read, friends. Here's a link to one of the excerpts she has on her own blog. I've posted a little snippet below, just for fun:

Nathan’s foul mood and abuse of Patrick is unusual. His typically jovial face is soured, and his smile lines twist in the wrong direction. My chest tightens at the pained look on Patrick’s face. My heart goes out to both of them, really. I can feel the anger and pain rolling off Nathan. Patrick is feeling empathy for the boy and anxiety at having made a mistake on the job. I try to push their pains aside as I have to focus on the matter at hand, and dealing with my own emotions is enough. Luckily I can’t feel everyone’s emotions all the time, just the stronger ones—unless I open up my sixth sense, that is. Then I can feel it all.

 You know me--I have a weakness for strong female protagonists, and Bluebell Killdare is totally it. Well done, Lilo! Can't wait to read more. You can follow her on Twitter or get updates on her blog Lilo Illuminates.

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Life has a way of putting me in my place. I had grand intentions to post weekly, and three months later....

So I think it's great that people are talking about fake news these days, because fake news is at the heart of Off the Record. I have a sleezeball paparazzo named Derrick Fuchs (it looks like a swear word, but it's pronounced 'fooks,' a purposeful play on words to immediately show what a douche nozzle he is) in the novel. He writes his articles based on the latest gossip without really caring who he hurts or how much of it is made up. I haven't decided yet if the reader gets to meet him, but the excerpt today is the first article we see from him. Enjoy!

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Twitter is a great place for righteous indignation and manufactured controversy. It also happens to be the best place for me to engage and interact with readers, so I'm there frequently. Yesterday I noticed some fellow authors loudly defending a publisher which only accepts "clean" submissions, so I went to Twitter to follow the hashtag # cleanreads to see what the big deal was.

Quick summary: a gay man was offended that this publisher (who uses #cleanreads to promote their books) doesn't accept submissions including gay story lines or characters. 
Much butt hurt and cyber bullying followed, on both sides. The man at the center of the firestorm was reasonable and kind in explaining his position. He seems like a truly decent human who felt strongly about something. I hope my post about why I think he's wrong shows the same restraint and respect.
 He gives the hashtag and the discrimination he feels he has suffered too much power because he thinks this publisher is…