Monday, May 26, 2014

Spotlight on Cindy Bennett

Hey, friends, this week I'm going to be giving a shout out to some amazeballs authors who have generously donated prizes for YOU to win at this weekend's Psyched birthday party!

 My first shout out is to the incredibly talented Cindy Bennett. I joined her critique group around 18 months ago, and I have to say, this girl gets it. She understands writing and how to craft a story better than most, so having her offer help and feedback as I write is kind of awesome. She helps writers with the nuts and bolts of editing and formatting for publication. In fact, she's the main reason we're having this party on Saturday--she reformatted Psyched. See how pretty she made my first paragraph?

Cindy is the author of several books, as well as owner of a business helping indie writers like me. Love her! She offers formatting services, editing services, and other fun digital projects which you can see in her Geek Girl Etsy shop. And if you want to read any of her amazing stories, feel free to check out her Amazon author page. I love her books, so by all means, check it out! Her latest release, The End of Feeling, is a total tear jerker and I highly recommend it.

You can win a copy of The End of Feeling this weekend at my Psyched birthday party. Hope to see you there!  This Saturday, 8-10 p.m. Mountain time. Whee!