Thursday, June 19, 2014

When a Risk Pays Off

You know when you pick up a novel and there's praise on the back from another author who writes similar stories, or maybe reviews from critics with columns in famous newspapers? That's an endorsement, and we writers live off it. I guess you might say authors are the most insecure creatures on the planet, putting our hearts and souls into something and praying just one reader loves it as much as we getting an endorsement from writers we respect and want to emulate is kind of huge.

I sent Secrets of the Mine to best-selling author Cindy C. Bennett, asking for her endorsement. She doesn't write mid-grade novels, and Secrets of the Mine is the first time I've attempted to write for kids 10 and up instead of for teens and adults. I have so many questions about if I did it right. Changing genres is always a huge risk. For me, I don't have that well-established fan base so I figure I have nothing to lose and maybe a few fans to gain by writing for kids, so why not? Still, it's nerve-wracking to wait to hear back. You question yourself and drive yourself nutballs. I finally heard back from her.  And I can't stop smiling, because this is what she said:

Juli! I loved this book! It was so great. So creative with all the creatures and adventures. And your descriptions of everything was amazing. I could perfectly imagine this crazy world and all of the people and sealife. So, so good! Here's my endorsement :

Caldwell has painted a world of mythical, fantastical creatures within a story so unique and creative you'll be sucked into the magical whirlpool she's created. Her descriptions and ingenuity will entertain and delight young and old alike. So jump in and hold on for the ride of your life—many times on the back of a kelpie!

Sometimes, taking a risk pays off. Thanks, Cindy!