Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Here!

Hey, friends. Happy release day! 

Today paperbacks and ebooks are available for Secrets of the Mine, book 3 in The Gates of Atlantis series!  The other authors and I have so many amazeballs things planned--release parties and blog tours and giveaways! If you'd like to find out where we'll be and join in any of our online parties from anywhere in the world, feel free to follow our facebook page. If you want to purchase it (I won't stop you!) I've listed links below. Feel free to contact me on my author profile if you'd like a signed paperback, or if you'd like me any any or all of the other authors to visit your school. We love hanging out with readers! We do assemblies and class visits.

You can find paperbacks and ebooks of The Gates of Atlantis: Secrets of the Mine at Amazon. Ebooks can also be found on Barnes and Noble (live link coming soon), Google Play, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Secrets of the Mine: an excerpt!

July 28, people! Secrets of the Mine is coming July 28!

I'm so excited, I wanted to start sharing excerpts with you. Here's the first.

Clancy raised her trident and formed the force field around them again so they could travel through the water protected. They moved slowly at first, but the rock walls around them grew closer as the river narrowed. Nef had no choice but to rise to the surface to avoid crashing into underwater stones.
When their faces broke through the top, they found themselves in a raging section of whitewater, with black stone cliffs rising up and out of sight on either side of them. The river grew more and more narrow. They shot around a tight corner only to find another sheer cliff in front of them with a whirlpool twisting before it. This dead end offered them no escape.
Nef reared underwater, and Adam lost his grip. The water ripped him away from the others. He kicked hard and knew he was a good swimmer, but he was no match for the aquatic vortex sucking him under.
“Go back!” Adam screamed. “It’s going to pull us under!”
“This is where we connect to the tunnel!” Clancy shouted from Nef’s back. The two stopped swimming and let the whirlpool pull them in, where they spun faster and faster as they approached the middle of it. “Stop trying to fight it and let it suck you under!”
“Do you want me to drown?” he spluttered, coughing and choking on a mouthful of water.
         “Trust me! Just let it pull you in!” He could barely hear her words as they got sucked down all the way, and their heads vanished.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

People are Beautiful

Know what I love? A day of people watching where every single stereotype you've heard gets turned inside out. Today I went on my usual Diet Coke run. I'm uploading Secrets of the Mine (coming next week! Whee!!!) and I need caffeine or nothing will get done. 

So I'm standing in line with my empty cup, while a woman with a baby in a cart are in line in front of me. When the mom steps forward to get her drink, I suddenly notice another person approaching the cart. If I saw him anywhere else, I'd probably assume he was homeless and move on. If I had to guess ethnicity, I'd say Mexican or Central American native, super skinny with tattoos covering his thin arms. An untrimmed beard covered his face. Long, greasy hair cascaded from beneath an old Fedora, and a dirty t-shirt that was way too big hung over dirtier pants, black faded to gray, with ripped knees.

I stepped back to see the baby in the cart drop a rattle on the ground. This man picked up the rattle and handed it back, cooing and smiling at this child. The baby handed the rattle back, and the man took it, glowing, shaking it and playing peek-a-boo. The mom finished up and took the cart away, with the baby still holding  the rattle out to this man as his mom left. He had the widest smile on his face as he waved goodbye that that little baby.

When this man saw me, he stepped back and apologized for getting in my way. I smiled and told him it was the cutest thing I've seen in a while, and he tipped his hat to me before he walked away. All I could think was, despite all the ugliness we think we see in humanity, people are good. Believing in stereotypes does nothing but limit ourselves. It's too easy to buy into them to reinforce what we think the world is or what it should be, but in the end, people are beautiful.