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FanX. It's On!

I set up with my booth buddies last night for Salt Lake Comic Con's FanX. I love the comic con/fanX crowd. They're so much fun to talk to.

I'm so excited about this weekend that I decided to do a FanX giveaway. Just comment below or 1+ this post. That's it and you're entered to win an ecopy of Secrets of the Mine or a paperback copy of Psyched. Post a pic of yourself at FanX in the comments and you're double entered. Easy peasy.

And come say hi! I love meeting readers. 

Aisi's Play List

I keep thinking about what music might show up on Aisi's ipod if she were a real person.  My littlest kid has been asking me lately what I thought certain TV characters' theme songs might be  (if you are obsessive about Gilmore Girls, let's chat--Littlest has come up with songs for each of Rory's BFs and Lorelei in each season.) With this in mind, every time a song comes on the radio lately I think, "ooh, Aisi would totally listen to this!" So I decided to share it.

Demons by Imagine Dragons (obviously!)
Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale
Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson
Middle by Jimmy Eat World
Peponi by The Piano Guys and Alex Boye
I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons (this is Vance's theme--you'll see why about halfway through Freaked)
Home by Phillip Phillips (the Turay family theme)
Immortals by Fall Out Boy

Did I miss anything?