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Fake News at Its Finest

Life has a way of putting me in my place. I had grand intentions to post weekly, and three months later....

So I think it's great that people are talking about fake news these days, because fake news is at the heart of Off the Record. I have a sleezeball paparazzo named Derrick Fuchs (it looks like a swear word, but it's pronounced 'fooks,' a purposeful play on words to immediately show what a douche nozzle he is) in the novel. He writes his articles based on the latest gossip without really caring who he hurts or how much of it is made up. I haven't decided yet if the reader gets to meet him, but the excerpt today is the first article we see from him. Enjoy!

Helmore to Tour with Streakers and Madrigal
by Derrick Fuchs for Rocker Chic magazine

Jensen Branch, president and CEO of Branch Records, announced this morning that Devi Madrigal and Streakers will tour this summer with Traxton Helmore. The Unbelievable US tour kicks off next month in San Diego.
Helmore, pop music’s resident bad boy, is using this tour to attempt a reset of his career after a much publicized and embarrassing early end to his Delicious world tour last year. He was famously arrested for drugs after spitting on security and police hired to keep him safe and then assaulting the police officer who tried to arrest him. A video of him giving the judge a one-finger salute at his sentencing went viral last fall, garnering well over two million hits within a week of its posting.
After a stint in jail and completing rehab this spring, Helmore gushes to Rocker Chic that he can’t wait to get back on the road. “I disappointed my fans, and I let myself down. I can’t wait to make it up to you with incredible new music and the best show I’ve ever put out there.”
Helmore rose to fame as a teen with the release of his single “Oh Honey Say It Ain’t So” nearly ten years ago. His turbulent career will hopefully take a turn for the better after the drama following his arrest. His band refused to return to the tour after his implosion, saying in a full page ad they took out in the LA Times that continuing to work with Helmore would be “emotional and career suicide.”
Despite Helmore’s turbulent past, Branch remains optimistic about pairing his most lucrative yet most troubled star with the untested and inexperienced Streakers. “We believe in Trax and we’re ready to start fresh. Streakers will breathe new life into his music. His voice has matured and we’re ready to explore a new sound for him.”
The members of Streakers are themselves instant phenoms after a spectacular coup d’├ętat in the recent season finale of The Last Chord, where they dumped weak front woman Raina Skye in favor of vocal powerhouse Devi Madrigal. They recently hit the studio to record their first single, dropping next week, and Branch tells us that they’re bringing fresh music to the scene. “We’re making magic here,” he promises. “They’re bringing their garage band aesthetic to Hollywood. They just might single-handedly revive grunge with their acoustic badassery and Madrigal’s raw, sexy vocals.”
Some speculate that the untested Streakers will fall apart under the stress of a tour, but Branch isn’t worried. “Am I worried about them learning and playing twice the music under the grind and stress of a tour? No. This is a hard-working group that’s been together since high school. They’re living the dream right now, and I have no doubt they’re up to the challenge.”
And what about the different styles of the two singers now fronting this band? Branch again assures us he isn’t worried. “These guys are chameleons. They started as a cover band—they can play literally anything.”
As Helmore, Madrigal, and Streakers prepare to hit the road for an already sold out US tour, tongues can’t stop wagging about music’s newest darling Devi. Pictures have surfaced of her getting a little too cozy with bass player Mason James at the Branch Records after party the night of The Last Chord finale, despite James’ well-documented, long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart Allison Knight. If that weren’t enough, behind-the-scenes snaps from the photo shoot for the Unbelievable tour show Madrigal and Helmore looking very friendly indeed.
The question for Rocker Chic fans isn’t if the girl can sing. She proved her talent to the world when she stole the stage during a live show in front of millions—it’s whether Madrigal’s playgirl tendencies will derail Helmore as he continues to recover or break up a long-term relationship.
The Unbelievable tour kicks off in San Diego in one month.
Rock out!

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